Life is good, ain't it? =)

Ho ho... other than for those big fat copycats that is...

HEH =) I am so happy la.... made alot of new beads for my up coming event in June. =) butterflies, florals, ladybirds, dragonflies, all the gardeny stuff... =p Happy happy... so pretty =p

Am on a bead making spree, in fact now I have a table for beading, a table for packing my items to mail out -- it was my dining table last time =p And a table for bead making... WAH LAU la.... insane I know i know hahah.... my sofa turned into a place full of bubble wrap hahaha

and the living room floor is covered with my blings... =p lolx... *tsk tsk* this is getting messier BUT I like I like... *grins*

Went out for Swensens yesterday and happily happily bought more gloss for the new beads, 5 bottles of gloss k... Don't play play =p

PP was teasing me saying that my house turned into a FACTORY... hahaha yeah i think so too... missed dawne alot because she's having exams, and I've been on a bead making frenzy so didn't talk much...

Ok back to making more new beads... clay clay Here i come =p