I'm a lioness hear me ROAR!

lolx... argh my throat is hurting do much.. =p Wishing i can *rawr* =)

Anyway, a big thank you to the people who came down to say hi.... =) Usually you'll see me rather hyper in the earlier part of the day and as the day wears on.... I get rather drained... =p Sorry I'm a morning person, since cup cake came into my life.. =) lolx

My back is aching rather badly...*sounding like an ah ma* and Dawne is not coming today, she went to pak tor... heh heh.. *cheeky*

Queena's been a good girl, she's been ill but she drank alot of water while we are together.. haha.. She must be very happy because her bf is BACK at last... =p

I miss bianca.... WHAT are you doing in India? =)

Today is the fifth day... and I am very tired already... OH NO! =) ok back to wiring and see ya at the event, peeps.. =)