Everytime I talk about copycats, I really do not understand them. WHY do their styles mimic MINE!!!! Its important for all businesses to have a different style and their own unique selling point and not mimic another branding's personal style. WHICH PART OF UNIQUE SELLING POINT do these copycats not understand?

Kinda irritating to keep blogging about such people...

Anyway, Angelicious Creations would see some changes in style... I believe I am aligning my style to something more artsy and unique... And I believe AC is one of the few beading sites with unique ideas, handmade clay beads and unique wiring styles... that other sites are so "inspired" by that they cannot help but copy.

And sigh I am still feverish... down with viral fever... and trying to churn out my new ideas asap... =) Would release more tomorrow =) gotta go to bed now... so sick... =p