hahahahha DAMN HAPPY la.... met alot of customers... just reached home... =)

HAPPY happy... hahahha xxx way.... weet~.... so happy can.... =) Can't stop smiling... lolx... =)
=) =) =) how... omg omg omg omg.... *big smile*

I think i am SIAO!!! *sticks my tongue out*

haha =) Left early to come home because i felt very tired... when I reached home, THE overseas charms package greeted me... IT arrived AT LAST!!!! I am always very happy when i receive charms from overseas heh heh =) and there are tons of stuff i feel like doing!!! =p

I wanna PLAY MAHJONG! =p

I wanna watch Fantastic 4! =)

I wanna jump around cos I am full of JOY!!!


I am so loved... =) heh =)

So blessed... =)

p/s : Oww... kenna suan for handmade beads... =p

Ok NO TWO beads can be alike. If clay bead makers are THAT pro, every bead would be exactly the same! Then we would be a robot instead of a human being. The uniqueness of clay beads lie in the fact that NO ONE, no matter how PRO they are at clay bead making can replicate another clay artist's beads.. No one. Each and every clay florals / motifs / even colour mixture is different. It is IMPOSSIBLE even for the original clay artist to repeat her own designs.

Yes we all use clay. But there is no way the beads can be the same.

OH and Karin is the master of bead making.. =) to me that is. =) here's her website : Kamoe clay

Thanks for the feedback though. =) I'm still HAPPY! =) weet~