=) hoho... happy happy....

This morning I went to post letters and then to meet dawne for lunch.

SHE is very blur... very very blur today hahhaha terrible =p Enjoyed lunch today because the company is perfect... talked about self-esteem and how different people react differently to situations.

I am a person who doesn't mind being alone, I love being alone, love the solitude where I can collect my random thoughts and piece them together into a beautiful creation on my site. I think.. repeat THINK I have a healthy dose of high self-esteem because I really DO not care what others think, I still lead my life my way. If I had to consider every single person's input and comment about my life, I guess I would be miserable. I believe though hard times, I would leave all things to God and try my best to dig a way out of my shithole. I believe in good times, I would sit back and enjoy myself. I believe in mediocre times, I am comfortable being just who I am and not what the world wants me to be.

Dawne was telling me about her reactions too. I believe we are pretty similar in our reactions. =p

Anyhow, after lunch, I went for my intermediate beading class and she went bead shopping. =p

Our friendship got me thinking...What would you call a friend? Someone who just contacts you when he/she is in need of financial help or emotional support? Or someone whom you love hanging around with? Or someone who doesn't reply your sms unless he/she has issues? Or someone who is there unconditionally?

Personally, I think I am a very generous person, and if you ask me to describe myself, I am very outgoing YET I am fine if I am alone. I wouldn't feel lonely or crave company. I am someone who is comfortable laughing at myself... I really enjoy friendships that help each other grow. I enjoy friendships that have depth. I enjoy friends that help each other willingly without strings attached because I would also do so. I enjoy friends who may not agree with my ideas but they would be supportive and feel comfortable to tell me their views. I enjoy friends who feel comfortable being who they are around me.

In this cruel world... A pretty mask is handy at times... where there are many people who would NEVER understand you and might even try to hurt you or put you down. And I think this wall you build around yourself is vital in order to fend off pain. Don't you think! =)

I Miss HG!!!!! TOOT one... when is MAHJONG session with the others again????!!!! lolx...