omg... i realised that I have slimmed down unknowingly....

The last few days have been FRANTIC.... I am busy trying to clear the orders and also, coping with making new items for the event at Carlton hotel, sigh I thought I could make 100 pieces, but its only 50 so far.... omg omg.....

Haven't packed anything...

And yesterday when PP saw me, he said: "I can see your bones."

My collarbone area is all boney now... =p =p

My size 24 jeans are snug now, unlike before during my birthday period, I could only wear my size 25 jeans... =p

Yesterday I didn't eat the whole day... not one bite... went to bed at 10pm and woke up at 4am feeling famished....wah I really am terrible... =p

Anyhow, its good to slim down la.... no need to exercise somemore hahahha =)

SO MUCH TO CONQUER..... making me abit nervous hahah

Mummy kept calling me and asking me if I brought this and packed that... never never... haven't packed at all... ai yoh.... and here i am blogging when I should be finishing up the event preparations =p ok ok back to being busy....

Send me your love k PEEPs.... come on down to...


Friday 11th May 10am - 10pm
Saturday 12th May 10am - 6pm

Cash only... =p sorry babes!

See you there... =)