WHAT a beautiful thing it is to be ALIVE.... =)

Woke up and sketched 2 new ideas in my mind... =p YEAH i know i know... i am kinda siao right???

Hmmm makes you wonder what new idea??? WHAT WHAT???? =p Eh, the art of temptation.... =)

More pictures from my trip...

Abalone porridge.. but I can't find any in my bowl =p

Mummy so sweet right... On dunno what mountain... hahah

Wearing korea's big eye contact lenses... nice ma? *blink blink* =)

Very strong wind

Shooting scene for "Da Chang Jin" I LIKE THIS SHOW haha...

WAH... ancient toilet bowl... covering my mouth and nose for this pic haha =p

WAH this is the BEST meal throughout the trip but but we only had 30 mins to eat...
TOURS SUCKS! My grandpa is funnier, he haven't even eaten 2 mouthfuls and the tour guide said, "ok let's go." And grandpa looked shocked... lolx... so cute!

Outside the restaurant where we had our dinner

Steamboat for dinner, the guy is our tour guide.

Seriously, I wouldn't go on any more TOURS... wah lau... every day is rush here rush there... Gan zhe qu dou tai.... insanely irritating.... I was very frustrated because everywhere we went, we had a time limit of 30 mins YET it is the perfect system for those who pay to see alot alot within a limited number of days... Its just NOT me... not my style...

NO MORE TOURS for me... And I'll rather travel with a companion... anyone interested? =)

And the steamboat dinner looks yummy right? But throughout the whole trip, we ate this for lunch and dinner almost daily... with kimchi making me wanna puke... the last 2 days of the trip, I didn't touch one bite. Instead, while bead shopping, mummy and I ate Jap. food. =p Irony... eating japanese food in korea? hahaha =p

And Yes I love korea... I'll go over again, this time I would be well prepared =) heh heh...