Some people just top the LIST for being a "Friend". Maybe they just TOP the list because these "Friends" spell "F.R.I.E.N.D" without the "R".

lolx... sometimes don't blame others for feeling a certain way! Been asking a "Friend" for a contact number for car bodykits and there isn't any replies. Its like his next excuse would be he never received my smses. YET when it comes to seeking some dough from me, he receives all my smses. Like how superficial.... How shallow..... I am really very amused.

Mummy came over to visit me today... and looked at my collection. WAH, she picked a couple of new pieces that are supposed to be released tomorrow. So cute can! =)

In a fantastic MOOD.... fantastic... because I made new clay beads... =p ho ho... And also made hairbands and scrunchies... I know I know... I am really becoming insanely in love with BEADS and more beads.... lolx....

and yup... I am still damn amused.... Diao~ >_<"'