Having a runny nose and the STUPID migraine again~

Trying to finish up customisations.

And watching "Tenacious D" on DVD... so funny...

Received this in my email today from Kyle - a customer =) :

100 truths... so here's mine.

001. real name: Jacqueline Koh
002. nickname: baby, girl. But you can call me babe if you want to... *cheeky*
003. single or taken : hmmm...
004. zodiac sign : doggie... THAT's probably the reason why I love dogs... =p
005. male or female : Female
006. favourite color: white/ black
007. drives : yes
008. hobby : beading and curling up in bed with a book.
009. eye color : Dark brown
010. hair color : Blond streaks
011. long or short hair : Mid-length... and I friking miss my long hair now haha..
012. shoe size : Size 5
013. asthma? : Yes
014. are you health freak : Hmm semi- health freak. Exercise twice a week and trying to eat healthy lolx.. =)
015. height : 160
016. do you have a crush on someone? : Not now.. does having a crush on the Lambo count? =p
017. do you like yourself: Of course, no in fact I love myself.
018. piercings : None
019. tattoos : No way... *pain pain* lolx..
020. righty or lefty: Right hander


022. first surgery : 3 years old
023. first piercing : None
024. first best friend : hmmm a few leh... HG, PP and lately Dawne
025. first movie : ?? lolx... its like AGES ago...
026. First sport you joined : Swimming and my favourite sport would be -- Badminton, I remember winnie always practises with me esp. before competition...
027. first pet : Dog, daddy bought me and bro a black poodle.
028. first vacation : Bali. I LOVE IT, LOVE IT LOVE IT... as in I love Bali, to date, I have been there no less than 15 times. Yesh I am insane... I know hahhaa maybe I have obsessive-compulsive behaviours. lolx =p
029. first concert : Grand ones that I attended? That'll be Sec 4 at Victoria theatres.
030. first crush : I think my first crush at 13 was with Mr money... lolx because I had to pay for my own school fees and also my brother's school fees since mummy was ill for 2 years.

049. eating : Yes, Edamame
050. drinking : Hmmm yes, honey water made by PP.
052. i'm about : to finish up orders after lunch
053. listening to : TV
055. waiting for : My stupid migraine to blow over.
057. wearing : Singlet and my Nike trackpants


058. want kids? : Yes, 2 would be nice. BOYS please!
059. want to get married? : No
060. careers in mind? That Angelicious Creations would be more popular than ever.

SEX? :

068. lips or eyes? : None, its the personality that counts.
069. hugs or kisses : Prefer hugs.
070. shorter or taller : tallest! lolx... at least 180 please!
072. romantic or spontaneous: a romantic who does sweet things spontaneously!
073. stomach or arms : Arms
074. sensitive or loud: Sensitively sweet
075. hook-up or relationship: Relationship which helps me grow.

078. kissed a stranger : No
080. lost glasses/contacts: yes haha... while swimming with my lenses.. I know I am toot =p
081. ran away from home : No
082. broken any bones : Yes, someone fractured my toe.
084. broken someone's heart : Yes.
085. been arrested : No.
086. turned someone down : Yes, a couple.
087. cried when someone died : Yes, my grandma's funeral. But i cried only when I was alone hiding in the comforts of my home.
088. liked a friend : No.


089. yourself: Of Course.
090. miracles : Yes, God creates miracles in my life.
091. love at first sight : No
092. heaven : Yes
093. santa claus : Yes, it comes in the form of mummy and sweethearts lolx.
094. fairies : Yes, they give me ideas for my designs. ha ha
095. kissing on the first date: No
096. angels : Yes, and my angel is right beside me lolx...


097. Is there one or more people you want to be with right now?
Nope, I have everyone I need already.

098. Is Superman really better than Batman?
NO.. they are both my heros... lolx... nah, I like such movies because I used to play "role play" with my brother when young and manz... it was crazy... boxing each other haha

099. Do you believe that life is a difficult journey?
Well, if you lie around and complain about life being a pain in the ass, it would be.
But if you take each obstacle, consolidate ways to get through these obstacles. I think life would be an adventure, not a difficult journey.

100. Do you want a change in your life?
I want to be detached from negative influences. And align my thoughts to creating... "Raving Fans"...

OK I'll go finish my lunch now... nurse this bloody migraine and finish up my orders...