Sometimes kindness translates into stupidity...
Sometimes niceness translates into idiocy...
Sometimes caring and sharing means nothing more than betrayal...

So much to deal with.... damn angsty yesterday but I am better now... =) COS I have this whole collection of new beads and charms... omg omg omg ....

lolx... happy happy... Hate them ringers, but love the new stuff I bought... yay yay...

Jia you wilson... I am sure you can do it... =) I am very happy that the items reached you in time... lolx..

Back to my new stuff... yay yay... =)

Got weirds emails today..

From the weirdo:
"Could you share w me your source despite the strong market competition?
Because I guess the supplier would also be happy to sell
his/her items. & if others want to start business it doesn't really
matter does it? You do yours, they do theirs :D
Oh and how do you go about ordering the stuff? And if I mailed out the items
then the people don't receive how ah? cannot refund one right? if like that, can they complain anywhere?"

My reply:
Firstly, I would not share my sources with you openly even if there is no strong market competition. Because let's look at microsoft, do they show their likely competitors their original product before launch? No? hmmmm let's look at Lee Hwa jewellery do you think they would share with likely competitors about product design? NO?

Well there you have the perfect answer. Yes suppliers would be happy then good for them. I had to go through alot to source for the suppliers so maybe you can go do some ground work instead of riding on someone else's wave.

Secondly,if other people want to start a business, yes it doesn't matter. They can go and do their own research, find their own suppliers even if they end up getting the same suppliers as me I am ok with it. Why should I do the research and benefit everyone else? I do not profit be it in terms of knowledge or otherwise if I share such info. Say Bill gates would he share product knowledge? I don't think so, unless the people he shares with are his employees or maybe his own friends.

Yes I share info with my own beading khakis and its limited to that. Not to any tom, dick and harry much less someone whom I have never spoken to before till you suddenly emailed me.

And yes, I do mine they go do theirs. So go and find your own sources. Thank you very much.

Thirdly you can go about ordering stuff from the suppliers you found yourself.

Lastly, from your last sentence. It seems to me that you might be thinking of scamming others. I apologise if I am wrong. But if you think that mail might get lost, please encourage your buyers to do registered mail. Also why would u want to know whether they can complain. Singapore is a very lawful society. Please use your brains. If people keep buying and keep getting scammed, they would report to the police, simple as that.

Thank you for taking time to read my really long reply. I hope I have been of a great help to you.

I MEAN LIKE PLEASE.............. use your brains before you ask a question!