lolx... sweeties.... All of you are really sweet manz...

I got alot of love mails today... telling me to be strong... lolx... and also a list of Q & As for me to answer hahha... ok ok I shall tell you more about me... I am strong k =) Don't worry...

What is your favourite color?
White and black.. I only like cars in these 2 shades.

What is your favourite food?
Eh... hmmm I like jap food most.

What is your favourite car?
the LAMBO *vroomx* BUT this car I like all the colours hahaha... *biased*

Are you happy now?
CAN I GET happier? lolx.. of course I am super happy... feel very fulfilled, very loved, very cared for... very satisfied. =) was angsty yesterday over copyright matters but now I am feeling GREAT... lolx...

Are you in love?
I believe people love me. And I am in love... with GOD. =)

Do you have mood swings?
Hmm lately that doesn't even occur. BECAUSE I am so loved... and blessed...

What is your favourite past-time?
Hmmm beading? Like takes up almost all my time... haha

When is the last time you argued with your loved ones?
Hmmm.... not in the last 8mths. I came to understand that conversation does wonders. Explaining and seeking a solution is more important than cursing someone who made me angry. lolx.

Hope I have answered all your queries... Made me feel MORE loved by my fans...

Hugs hugs... =) Stay tuned for more goodies...