Just came home from beading class... and b got me some dvds to watch while I complete my orders... "Protege"

Deluded drug lords saying that they did not advertise for people to buy drugs.... they sell drugs only for the money.... Anyway, I think ANYONE with an addiction be it drugs, or GAMBLING are simply people lacking will power, useless losers, moronic failures... on top of that their addiction is not only gonna affect themselves, but affect the lifes of their loved ones too. WORSE still louis khoo is acting as this drug addict who pimped off his wife, and forced his wife to sell cigarettes to fund his drug addiction. KNS... stupid addicts... if you wanna live in depravity good for you! Just don't affect others....

But louis khoo is very handsome la... and DANIEL WU.... wah wah... haha =) handsome handsome!

Watching the next dvd.... "Open Season"... =)

Read this blog entry while I was updating my xanga account...

"Have you ever looked back to your old crushes/girlfriends/boyfriends and wondered why the hell you ever liked them?

I saw my high school crush the other week. I bumped into him while leaving work - our eyes met briefly, he smiled and muttered "hello", and I did the same. It was a typical, perfunctory greeting you'd have with an acquaintance and then quickly forget about. But if this were to happen 7-8 years ago (my god, I am old), I would have skipped all the way home with the biggest, most idiotic grin across my face.

I remember daydreaming about my crush all the time in high school. Everyday, I hoped I would bump into him in the halls. On one special occasion, he and I exchanged a few words when I ran into him at the mall. But given that he was a member of the "popular crowd" and I was (am?) a "total loser", I never got the courage to speak to him again.

So I wondered, "Ok, then why did I like this guy?" For one thing, I remember him having a nice smile....and oh, great taste in clothes. But what else? What about his values? His interests? That's when I realized I was confusing the current me with the old me. In high school, a place where superficialities run wild, personality, intelligence, and values usually come second to looks, what car you drive, or how popular you are with the opposite sex. ("What? He's a jerk? But...but....he's sooo cute!") "Bad boys" and "wild girls" were considered hot items in this era. On the other hand, someone could have a 4.0 GPA and have high family values - but who really cares when you're 15? All you want is to have fun.

However, as you mature and begin the process of searching for "the one", priorities are reversed. Suddenly, women are turned on by men who are honest, responsible, intelligent, and kind. Simply having a nice car or great clothes or cool dance moves won't cut it and certainly cannot guarantee a happy future. Men seem to like women with good "wife/mother qualities" and those who are caring, intelligent, and family-oriented. Of course looks are still a factor in selecting mates, but they probably won't be nearly as important as they were when you were younger.

The current me loves goody-goodies who are funny, caring, and smart. A guy who treats his family well and who has his priorities straight are also big bonuses. Luckily, the boyfriend fits all of these criteria. He is my new Mr. Right. (By the way, I don't find "bad boys" attractive at all - I have enough problems of my own; I don't need to deal with his shit either.)

I wish someone would've told me this is how things would turn out. Then, I wouldn't have had to waste all my time on the Mr. Wrongs."


Its so true... =p anyhow, enjoy your easter holidays! =)