Do you have someone to confine to when you have issues?
Does that person empathize with you?
Do you have someone to tell your fears?
Does that person pacify you?

Do you have someone to bear your burdens?
Does that person comfort you and provide you with the right solutions for you to consider?
Do you have someone to make you smile when the world fails you?
Or are you with someone who only is there to entertain you?

=) Good morning peeps.... jumped out of bed at 7am wah.... It has become a routine to rise and shine at the break of dawn and I don't feel sleepy at all not till about 10pm... omg... 10PM.... i becoming an AH MA.... hoho Going for beading class in awhile....

Anyhow, I was reading this book about "Building Right Relationships in a not-so-right world" and i received an sms last night. Which made me ponder... Is it normal for alot of couples to be together because of "love" or what they misunderstand as "love" and then bear all the issues themselves? Shouldn't your partner bear half the burden? Shouldn't your partner be the first person you turn to when you have an issue? Shouldn't your partner find means and ways to help you, EVEN when you don't want them to? Or is your partner there... because you just need a companion?

I don't need a companion, I would prefer a PARTNER. A player on MY TEAM. Note my words, My team, means we play by our agreed rules -- which usually means my way haha *cheeky*
I would prefer someone who would WAGE WARS on my side. Someone who would risk everything to make me happy just to see me smile. Someone who would spur me on to improve myself and encourage me.

Companion is just someone who is there to accompany you, who blindly walks with you. Who is just there to spend time with you. ( FOR ME i think its waste time with you.) Someone who doesn't make a change in your life, because they are like an amoeba - a one-celled aquatic or parasitic protozoans.

My quote for the day: "Don't commit the rest of your life to something or someone you know won't bless you."

Oh oh .. and I am very excited for our "romance-alexis-date" tomorrow... hahaha...