OMG OMG OMG.........*jump jump*

I have 2 offers today in my email... omg omg omg.... can't stop smiling... OMG~

One E-mail reads:
"I've a fren named XXX who's studying fashion & design. His sister is going to open a
boutique too. He is v interested in ya art pieces. So i'm introducing u to
him. =)"

Another one reads:
"I am the owner of XXX boutique. We are pretty new in the market but we do have a good following. I would like to extend much interest in your pieces which shows much flair and creativity. Can we meet up to talk soon? Call me at XXXXX.

Hope to hear from you soon. "

OMG OMG OMG...... hahahhaha *BIG SMILE*

HAPPY... even if it doesn't turn out perfect... I am still DAMN HAPPY about the offers la.... happy happy.... yay yay... *breaks into a song* : Life is great... life is great...."

wooohoooo.... I am feeling a GREAT sense of achievement la.... =)

OK back to where I went today... Been out running errands woke up like very early... at 6.30am, I was up and about and loaded pics on Angelicious Creations, then went about answering e-mails and calls and played with the dogs abit...

Then went to mail the orders and then to Market Street... WAH LAU i saw a lambo there, and 2 audi TT, 5 BMW 6 series... can drool till I DIE la.... all my fave cars... heh heh

And to visit grandpa, hugs missed him alot, he happily looked at me eat dinner and then went to bathe... old people can get very lonely must love them more. =)

Ok back to being happy... OMG~