wah... i am feeling like an ah ma now... muscles are aching... and even using my wire cutters to snip at the thin wires hurts my arm so much.....

hahahha yupz I tortured myself.... muhahaha.... went for a "strenuous" workout yesterday.... its no biggie just that I am pretty rusty.... ACHING all over la.... *pain pain pain*

Anyhow, I have decided to re-organise my lifestyle... Shall exercise thrice a week, ok i hate the gym but yeah it'll be included in my list because maybe just maybe the cycling machine might train my muscles to kick some asses haha.. =) And jogging would be on the list too... lastly swimming or ball games.... hmmm roller hockey anyone? Let's see if I can find my blades and hockey sticks... =)

But for now, I shall be a defeated 'soldier' and I'll go rest my tired arms and continue beading hahahah