Tomorrow is good friday and this weekend is the easter holidays.... =)

And so what better way to celebrate then to launch my new collection?

My easter collection is full of cute clay bears handmade by me.... =) heh heh....


Very cute aye? I feel like eating them looks so candy-like... lolx... anyhow, been busy busy finishing up orders and YESH.. I am done with the backlogs... wah took 3 days hahhahah..=)

Quote of the day by PP: "I used to think that 'STUPID' was just a way to insult people; I never knew that it could actually be used as an adjective to describe some."

hahhaa funny... yeah some people have severe violent streaks in them which only allows them to react in a certain manner which is uncalled for. Funny thing is why would anyone IF note my choice of words - IF unguilty of being a ringer, would react in such a manner?

Anyhow, I guess perspections to things matters, how we understand, digest and INGEST words is pretty important. If we read or listen with correct understanding of what the original writer or speaker means, then the world might be a nicer place to live in. BUT people me included, sometimes misunderstand, misalign, mistake certain words and therefore welcome to the real world...

Yeah but I am in a good mood so like whatever yah.... Happy happy.... my birthday is coming... lallalala... older le... heh heh... but happier.... super happy.... ha ha =) back to creating more easter goodies peeps... =)