yawnz... good morning... eh actually its gonna be noon in like 12 mins... =p

Visited my mummy yesterday, bro bought this new dvd called "Cry Wolf" and it became my midnight snack... damn psycho la.. the killings =p stayed up to watch till about 2am.... and finish up my orders....

I have lots of customisations orders to finish up... heh heh... =)

and had one of the best convo with my sparring mate yesterday hahah.... talking about equality of man and woman... and we can almost like hear background noises saying : "Fight! Fight! Fight!"

Anyhow, it ended as an agreement.. =)

And TMNT is nice la....

eh abeit the part where the turtles like lost alot of weight... but its very kung fu and the lingo jokes are hahahha =)

I better return to finishing up orders... ciao peeps... =)