Was discussing intently about "Astral Projections".

Hmmm...just before sleeping too... ai yoh... =p But i slept well... =)

My current read is "Bloodline" by Sidney Sheldon one of my fave authors. And con-currently reading a self-improvement book by Spencer Johnson.

I am very contented with my life now... so blissful... wake up early in the morning watch Channel Newsasia and bead... load pictures online... then bead more... have lunch then bead somemore.... prepare for beading class notes and then bead somemore..... hahahah talk abit online then go to bed and then the cycle continues.

WAH I feel like a factory worker haha.... =p anyhow, this week I am having 4 beading classes. 2 at the Community centres which is a one day crash course and the other 2 are serial classes.

tata back to beading.... happy~