Today had beading class, went out for dinner with HG then drove back home... Made 2 new pieces and packed the orders that are going to be mailed out tomorrow morning...

Then I Photoshopped the rest of the photos from my zoo trip... heh heh...

Watched the Animal show, the otters are very clever! SO i hugged a fake one... haha
EH HUGGED ok... not humped! lolx...

The next photo you would be viewing is quite DISTURBING... if you might be offended please don't LOOK.... Ok this horsie ah... is as you can see... *steamed* and it is beside the female who isn't interested obviously!

AND SO... horsie threw temper by rolling on the sand... and shrunk back to normal size hahhaha...DISTURBING right? Tell you don't see le... =p

*Snore.... snore...* WAH pigs really eat and sleep alot one!

This black one is worse... LOOK AT IT! It is such a glutton!
Eat till his tummy touched the floor already and it is still eating hahahha... funny!

The Philosopher... DARN SMART!
It was facing the wall and seems to be deep in thought..
then after awhile it was in this position, playing with the leaves beneath it, it touched and examined the leaves and flicked it then decided, "NAH, too boring..."
I am amazed at IT being deep in thought! OMG!
It might even be conjuring up a plan to escape hahaha

Spent half an hour with the butterflies because
I am in LOVE with the beauty of these fluttery insects...

I am so affected by this poster!
It says: "If all the beasts were gone,
man would die from great loneliness in spirit,
For whatever happens to the beasts,
also happens to man.
All things are connected,
Whatever befalls the Earth
Befalls the sons of the Earth."

Truths... that remind us to love the earth! =)

And so, the trip ended.... leaving me with memories and inspiration...