A little lesson about woman... From The Woman -- Me... =)

Dear Man,
Please do understand your place in her world. You are on the priority list after her homework, her dog and her career and sometimes THE BIG SALE on at Mango's.

You are never in charge, never would be and She might pretend that you are – but don’t be fooled. *winkz*

Make her laugh unless she's a dim-wit who laughs at whatever you feed her. DUH!

order for yourself what you think she wants to eat, without her hinting at you to.

She wants you to read her mind – but she doesn’t want you to gloat when you get it right.

DON'T TRY TO BE SMART and solve all her problems. Sometimes, a listening ear and a tightly zipped mouth is enough.

She always hopes you’ll change for the better whatever that is better would always upscale… but most times, she’ll make do until you do.

Never try to demean her, because when you stir the inner LIONESS you are so DAMN DEAD man.

PMS is an excuse solely for her and her girlfriends to use, NOT for you to brush her issues aside.

And just when you think that you have the code cracked, it changes.

The above do not apply to dimwits, mind you.

lolx... well, was chatting with PP early in the morning and we had a debate and he thought that he had it all in control and OH WELL, I pulled the last string... tata the code has changed baby! lolx

Anyway, would be having dinner with the girls and talk about issues... sigh ben I so wanna hug you... and I hope you don't think that I have done you any wrong. You are super nice but sometimes, things just happen... And lucas you are nice too.. but I just feel that nice personality doesn't equate to good decisions. Jamie and alexis I love you girls tons... and see ya tonight...

And to WILSON! My ex who refers me to the one that got away... I should have FREAKING listened to you... yeah I know I know... lolx...street soon? lolx...

tata... I'm going out... for la kopi session...