To beterianianakavatithebyatchie:
Its just damn Funny how some people try to be eloquent and fluent and philosophical. It seems to be his or her effort is to put the reader's brains at the vat of the wheels of a runaway trolley. Worse of all, the written ability *rolls eyes* is as similar to the rumination of a mutt. Trying to sermonize a whole chunk of amorous ethical codes is just so passé.

Your conception or misconception rather is better kept within the walls of your actuality. Or are you not even there, for you are too trivial to be seen much less heard. Your inanity and fervor is plainly horseplay, for even the half-witted is on a higher intellectual scale than thou.

The lack of mental acuteness can be disguised by unuttered words. However, thou chose to appear philosophical. How thick-headed. Naive.

And my condolences to you for taking my hand-me-downs, my quondam consorts, my discarded, rejected goods. Your lamentation is my elation, my alleviation, my call to tell me I have arrived and attained beautitude. Ah the ludicrous deluded naive. The pathetic lower caste critter. I pity you.

The above is meant for beterianianakavatithebyatchie and no one else.

Anyhow, let's revert back to normal speech lolx.. Miss my papi who'll be bringing me lunch... *yawnz* I woke up at 7.30am... hmmm i dreamt up a beading project and so that woke me up haha =p

Heh heh tomorrow I would be travelling... to source for inspiration from nature.

And today I would be visiting my mummy... my travelling companion... hugs hugs

Quotes of the day:
"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is to please everybody." -Bill Cosby

"Real success is finding lifework in the work you love. " - David McCullough