Quote of the day from kevin :
"how do you tell when you're in love and when you're in heat, and when you're in love and when you're in love with the feeling of being in love?
you'll be able to tell, when everything's over and done, if you regret."

Whatever we choose now, affects us for a lifetime... and personally, I am disgusted at myself for making a pathetic loser my choice for 2.5years, its a perfect waste of my time... it was a stagnant, deplorable, lamentable relationship... Which when i look back, I can only react with disdain and an upturned nose... The reminiscence of my past relationship makes me nauseous....

If one only pulls you down, puts his dreams above yours, asks a woman for money i.e. Xiao bai lian, smokes and gambles like a flop, it blatantly shows how inadequate such a person is. Its quaint how they are then appreciated by a lower caste critter. Which, mind you note my CHOICE of words, which a lower caste critter tastes this muck as if it oozes aroma. It keeps this muck, pleased with itself, for to it, it is a piece of treasure. A treasure worthless to none but thou.

To such a lower caste critter, I can only smirk and extend my condolences. Alas, an imbecile...

I remember it was once said,"Note a man who reads, for he who is attached to his mind is one who is really a man." And then some... even trying to think is arduous much less read.

Choose the right choices because it is right and when you make the right choice, joy is your end product. If you made the wrong choice, pain enslaves you.

I'm thoroughly pleased with myself for discarding such an encumbrace. That life has never been better.... =)

Been doing up orders for Sonia, and releasing some new creations. *big smile* Going to visit my dearest grandpa now... =)

My new hairstyle Front view..

Better show you peeps some preview of my new hairstyle in case at the Balcony event, I freak you people out... haha =p the fringe ah is super SHORT... lolx =p