SUPER BUSY!!!!!!! In fact I think I am frantic already hahahahah... thought that the Bazaar was cancelled and so I uploaded my pieces online for sale... sold most of my pieces and now I have no stock le.... though I made some new ones today heh heh never seen online before... =)

Gotta pack alot of stuff... and I am down with a headache -- a recurring pain from the bloody abuse... and a slight fever.... =p I'm supposed to take med and HG have been nagging at me the WHOLE DAY le... but if I took medication I would feel drowsy and sleep the day away so... I'm bearing with the throbbing headache and finishing up the preparations... =)

Come see me at......

Ok girls, the bazaar is still on.

Venue: The Balcony Bar
Date: 25th March 2007
Time: 11am-6pm

And we are having a combined promotion. Brought to you from Angelicious Creations, Earring Addict and Cheryl Bianca. Just click on the voucher and print it out. Show it to us at the bazaar and get $2 off. You can combine and choose our items. =)