Went out for dinner met alexis, whose "new" hairstyle is really nice la... lolx...

Anyhow, I am a fan of the Spartan King Leonidas. After watching the movie 300, I came home and straight away checked on the wikipedia whether this was a historical story or just a myth. It is TRUE... OMG... and You wouldn't believe what other truths I found on wikipedia.

There's this Persian King whose make-up and piercings are like so.. *roll eyes* and he is known as Xerxes in the movie but in fact, he goes by a Hebrew name too called Aḥashverosh. WHICH now comes the most interesting point ..... He is mentioned in THE bible -- book of Esther. In which, Aḥashverosh dismisses his Queen consort, Vashti because she refused to obey his command of appearing as 'queen of his empire' at a feast he was having for his princes. Then after sending forth a decree to gather the fair young virgins from throughout his empire, he chooses a Jew called Esther to become the queen.

WHOLE point is.. the movie is true! read this : Leonidas I

AND the Spartans are very VERY muscular... you look at their bodies and can go WAH LAU... when they ran towards their enemies, every inch of their muscles move with glory...well literally.. alexis started to infer alot from the movie.... the apple that Leonidas munched on was inferred as adam and eve's apple.. haha

ABSOLUTELY A MUST WATCH... die die must watch kinda movie.... unless of course you do not like war and gore or history was on your hate list....or you graduated from I-don't-understand-this-kinda-english-but-I-am-english-educated-kinda-school.

Enjoy your monday peeps... I'm driving my darling baby to the vet, A FIEND abused her before and now she has recurring eye problems.... I shall practise self censorship... =p