OMG... I am super happy can... hugs hugs skyler!!!! OMG!!!!!! I can't help but keep refreshing and admiring my new layout... lolx... its damn NICE! And skyler is very talented and artistic....
Took only an hour to complete this whole layout...

DAMN CHIO!!!!!!!!!!!! muhahahah I think I would like die swooning over this new layout... anyway was chatting with Jason few days back... and he's my primary school mate so we like know each other way way way way back... sam pa so much with him =p

he was saying:"eh I remember ah, you and your 1A classmates ah very ang moh pai one.."

lolx.. got ang moh pai meh? but yeah like my chinese sucks... blah... but the funny thing is I speak eloquently in chinese just that I can't read nor write very well... but whatever... the ironic thing is PP like reads and writes SUPERB chinese but speaks like he's from Mars or something... lolx...

I'm like SWOONING over my new layout and happy that I have like fan mails in my mailbox... lolx...

"Love your pieces.. why always sold out?"

"hihi, have received the necklace in good order!
The necklace looks much more adorable and sweet as compared to the pictures.
:D Extremely extremely satisfied!
And I would like to thank you for the efforts and hassles - the emails and
the efficiency in making the necklace (less than 1 day, if i'm not wrong).
And did i mention the necklace is really pretty? lols. received lots of
compliments from friends and they wanted to know where i got the necklace
from, so i recommended your site to them :)
A big thank you! Definitely looking forward to your future creations
p.s: I'm going to swoon over it. Again!"

"thank you so much for surprising me with my first pair of earrings from the earring club. You rock, girl!"

OMG... damn satisfied and happy can.... *big smile*

Being a naughty.. full of nonsense baby is just so blissful....