You tell everyone you so RICH then why do you need to BEG me BEG BEG BEG please read this BEG! me to loan you $500.... RICH ma, $500 is nothing what.... I think you are rich alright, richly padded with LIES!!!!!

The bankers have to summon you with a warrant and tow your car away. The credit card departments have to pursue you to PAY UP!!! YOUR GOOD FRIENDS ALL freak out because all you do is beg people to LOAN YOU MONEY and you go gamble!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And did I help you? I paid a six figure sum for your gambling debts and cleared $2k of your credit card bills and on top of that bore through YOUR ABUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CAN YOU JUST GO GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get out of mine... and rot somewhere else... YOU want to get wasted then get wasted somewhere else... What do you do besides bullshitting and gambling?

Nothing... absolutely of no use nor contribution at all... If I were you, I WOULD BE OF MORE USE. I would try at least TRY to get a job!