Woke up at 5.30am today... yes crazy i know... and cleaned the house... yes more insane acts...

No la not stress la... =p I slept with N'drea last night and she was fumbling around too much so I woke up and took her to pee and have a sip of water... and then I can't sleep le... she's asleep now though... the pig!

I was thinking that I should put my other 2 younger dogs for adoption.... because for one, I am not so attached to them and secondly, I don't think I am being very fair to them... and lastly, they keep attacking and provoking my shih tzu-- Baby... and even injured her eye while they fought... and also her eye got injured before by a fiend's abuse.... WHY take it out on a dog??? Pick someone YOUR own size, freak!

And for those who do not know how expensive vet fees can be... So far, spent $300 to bring her to check up... and if the eye is really very bad then must go for operation would be more expensive... =p its not the money... its even if I pay for everything, her eye might not recover... so I think the best way would be to put the 2 younger dogs up for adoption.... =(

Let's discuss relationships... Just my thoughts...

A good relationship would build your character, aid your spiritual life, help you grow, and support your dreams.

A good relationship would not have underlying tensions ready to trigger off at any point of time.

A good relationship would be when YOU build your life and HE/SHE builds their life, planning your futures seperately yet intertwined. If someone builds and plans his/her life around you, pressure surmounts and thus kills all passion.

A good relationship should have alot of patience, alot of KINDNESS, alot of love and alot of truths. If you can't be yourself when you are with him or her then, seriously there's no point being fake... you'll get weary of that facade sooner or later and the whole relationship crumbles down.

A good relationship is when his or her flaws to you are cute, and you wouldn't mind them one single bit.... if you pretend that everything is ok when it is not, it'll just snowball.

A good relationship allows creativity and room for improvement. Where praises are abundant and where no matter what, to him or her, you are always the best, the most beautiful, the cutest, sexiest... cellulite, beer belly and all.

A good relationship would never put you down, or make you feel lost.

A good relationship can never be abusive EVEN when you feel anger.

So open your eyes when you are dating and when you feel constricted, restrained, demeaned or unhappy... let go while you still can... so there'll be less pain...