Seriously some people really do not have a life.... don't tell me that you are nice.... OMG! NICE??? if you didn't "instigate" or gossip or spread malicious rumours that ARE UNTRUE and slanderous, WOULD your friend have even made such rude and inconsiderate remarks???? In the first place, your friend wouldn't even know.... AND IF THEY KNEW, did they even know the whole story????

Don't come and pretend to be NICE.... nice is wanting everyone to have a good time.... so by making false accusations, chasing customers away is being nice??? OH I see... you must be completely DELUDED...

Are you saying that by making such accusations and having chased customers away and THEN saying "SORRY" puts you in the right? So if someone slaps you and then says,"SORRY *rolls eyes*" does that make one right? NO?!!! Then obviously YOU DO HAVE A SERIOUS PROBLEM!

I'm not sorry so why should I apologise for your audacity to do what you have done. YOU didn't do anything? Your friend wouldn't have behaved in such a manner if you didn't fan the flames and spread countless malevolent remarks.

You said you were being nice by not going to church... PLEASE the church is open to anyone to come and go! And its YOUR legs you are in control. Just like its your MOUTH you are in control about whether anot you WANT to go down on someone. ONE not two. (there are 3 kinds of people in this world: those who can count and those who can't.) And this is not a typo-error.

By the way, it was a conscious act of will to go down on ONE and not TWO people while you were still attached. You were the one who made the first wrong move and now you are trying to be vengeful?????

You came down with a motive and an intention of hurting people's feelings and stirring up trouble because obviously you knew that your friend would say the things that you've subconsciously implanted into her brains i mean brain.

Everything was fine and we were on amicable terms until you came and she made such comments on your behalf, so don't BLAME anyone else for any consequences or repercussions of your initial act.

If you want to pick on somebody please first make sure that this person is of lower intellect and does not possess even the tiniest say in the bowels of society. Then perhaps you can get away with all your nasty comments. Its already been a long time since its ended and you have hurt enough reputations and you now have someone new, so what more do you want? If you need entertainment please go look for more willing parties.

Someone is trying to work hard at school, making sure that one has a good future and that one's life is in order; instead of taking party pills and getting wasted every other day. Someone has a bright future ahead and if you don't mind, why don't you go and get your life in order first before unnecessarily commenting on others.

And to that someone... PLEASE study hard and don't let your parents down. Nice car dude! And thank you for purchasing the necklace from me for your mum I hope she likes it... and I'm getting your designs for my brother... =) Merry Christmas people!