You want the whole ugly truth????

Here it is... don't go around asking and gossiping ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OR spread that I am a bitch who DUMPED such a "POOR THING GUY!" more than six months ago. And yes I DUMPED HIM! but he is not poor thing!

THAT's purely BULLSHIT!!!

1) I was with someone who abused me and now its all over. (Boy am I glad it was over..=) happily leading a GREAT life now!)

2) He FRACTURED MY TOE, slammed my head on the handbrakes, dripped blood into my eye causing me to be partially blind in my left eye, hit me time and time again till I was hospitalised.

3)He screamed abusive words to me while I was crying because of the beatings.

4)He gambles on soccer, goes on board gambling ships called "Leisure World" and then asks me to help him pay his debts.

Yet now he claims to be all innocent and tells people that yup he is single and available and have been through hell...

BEEN THROUGH HELL?????????????

WHO has been through HELL??? Tell me??? WHO!!!!!!!!!!!!

ME... I'm the victim and do I go around telling everyone I was victimised? NO! I just kept my mouth shut and kept quiet about the abuse and now everyone who knows us thinks I am a BITCH! WHAT HAVE I DONE????

NOTHING!!!!!!!! I was abused and people call me up making prank calls saying I am a bitch???

Eh you stupid people get your facts right!!!!!!!! YOU GO ASK THE FIEND if he has hit me... there is 3 doctor's certification and I have a PPO -- POLICE PROTECTION ORDER from court and on top of that I have all the photos as proof!!!

Don't come and call me names.... Go ask him if he has done such a thing... if he denies it... I can only say one thing... COWARD!!!!!!!! Dare to hit me don't dare to admit....

Till this day when my grandmother passed away, you say STUPID stuff....

I'll let the law deal with you seriously.... I'm sure My case is justified. Bearing with the abuse is more than enough...I tried not to appear weak and I didn't want to blog about LOSERS!!!!!!!! BUT this is the last straw!!!!

I am not a weakling... I will not be bullied... I have had ENOUGH... I may not be able to protect myself physically compared to you but I am very much capable enough to equip myself with the BEST LAWYERS....

I really pity the NEXT GIRLFRIEND HE HAS...... * TSK TSK TSK..... so poor thing.... buy more plaster k... and you better be capable or come from a rich family otherwise your hospitalisation bills would make you cry more...