Just came home from the wake. I only stayed there for 3 hours or so... ok I feel better le... grandma was suffering before she went to heaven and somehow, I feel it was a release for her... I stood by her coffin and told her: "Thank you ah ma for looking after me when I was young."

And I am at peace with her death. Before she passed on, I did my part... brought her for nice dinners, dim sum at crystal jade, even her wheel chair is bought by me... celebrated her birthday, spent mother's day with her and did what was within my ability to love and care for her... mummy hugged me and said, "Grandma knows that we love her."

Mummy seems alright too... she was laughing and playing with me at the wake... she said she wanted to migrate to Australia with grandpa and I told her if she really wanted to, I'll be her sponsor. I really want her to enjoy herself now... Lately, I've been telling my mummy, bro and sis that I love them very much... and Yes I do love them. Blood is always thicker than water... Its better to treat your family well when they are alive then live in regret when they passed away...

And though I did not say I would sponsor the food.... somehow mummy knows I would... and yes I did.... I told mummy that I promise I would dine with her more often.

My resolution for 2007:
1) Spend as much time with my family as possible.
2) Bring mummy overseas next year to let her unwind.
3) I would learn not to be angry with ungrateful people.
4) Stop stressing myself out, work less... and play more.

I love you mummy... very much... and no matter what happens, I would support all your decisions and be there for you when you need me... I'm just a phone call away...