*cough cough* ok... the medications are working but I'm still feverish when i stop my paracetamol =p.... yucks I hate swallowing that pill... and work is getting on well... yes I am still working...

Ok the shop's terms are confirmed and yes it is to my terms... my PA is getting the renovations work done... she has all the specifications and my likes and stuff so she'll be liasing with the renovations people on thursday.

Angelicious Creations
would be in Orchard just in time for Christmas =) Yay!

Anyway, I am rushing out the 4 orders before I prepare for my own shop... And yes stringent quality tests are run to ensure quality on all my productions.

Currently, Angelicious Creations are sold in a number of places... raffles place, parkway parade, tiong bahru etc etc... and we are going to Orchard soon... so keep watch... and no I will not reveal where exactly yet.... *cheeky grin*

And sabrina, sorry the medications makes me drowsy so I can't drive for these two days but I will deliver to you on thursday evening. Please contact me if there are changes.

Till then... Ciao~