My advise for anyone who wants to be financially free or at least on the route to being free is :

1) START your own company. DON'T join an MLM, START an MLM (if you sincerely believe in such stuff which apparently I feel is just not it for me)... because if you don't seem to notice the trend, all MLMs only allow the upper lines to earn and the down lines seem to be oppressed somehow. WHO makes the big money? The one who starts the MLM running. And note, these MLM companies don't focus their sales on their product. Have this ever caused you to ponder over their objective? Ok I am not demeaning all MLMs... I am only concerned over a certain one which entails people being coerced into joining.

2) If you are that smart or claim to be, shouldn't you prove yourself? Instead of relying on other people to push you into a position to be capable enough to make money?

3) DON'T land yourself in debt because the recurring interest would KILL you.

4) Being frugal with the money you make helps you generate more passive income than you ever dream of!

5) And Don't GAMBLE... you're simply selling your soul to the casinos. You win small and lose BIG... ok unless you are the king of gamblers, then again, how many humans are kings?

6) Lastly, unless you do your homework, don't play with shares because if you don't do your research, you are simply gambling.