MY FEET HURTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so spoilt that all of a sudden I find myself carrying such heavy loads and walking so much... yucks! My poor feet is blistered BUT I'm having so much fun!! haha... met Yahn she's so CUTE.... keke I love her.... She's 5 months pregnant... baby girl... =) today I brought lunch from the restaurant for her and her baby...

And I think I IS TOOT!!!!!!!!! I tried walking to orchard MRT the other day and manz, I asked this uncle how to walk there and he like said : "AH! Ni bu shi xing jia po ren?" I hung my head in shame... haha... and he pointed out how to get there.... =( hmm.. not ashamed but I only know how to get to the orchard mrt through wisma and its like 9am in the morning so wisma is not opened yet.... NOT my fault ma.... =p

Go rest le... been working too hard... nitez