To Mandeep : "Ger... I'm sorry that I can't make it for the send off... there's a media interview coming up and its kinda last min."

To Micheal : "Noted. Thank you for your insult."

To HG : "Thank you for your constant prayers."

To Mentor : "Yupz, let's take my dogs out for a walk and while they are burning some fats off... you can counsel me somemore."

To EK : "WEI, you better take good care of yourself when you are away in Bangkok k... I'll miss you lots and lots and lots.... anywayz, get me a present when you are back... muahhahaha.... 350Z maybe? =p kidding... I love you.. and I'll go home more often to see mummy yea..."

To Pig : "I hope you can be happy and know that you are forgiven. The hurtful things done are forgotten. You obviously never understood me, but its ok. "

I am not going to be affected by what other people say because they do not know what is going on and they are entitled to their opinions and I think they really have nothing better to do than to criticise and put people down. Btw, if you are not happy about the way I write don't even try reading MY BLOG! Do I need to explain that THIS IS MY RANTING GROUND???? GET A LIFE!!! Talk to some REAL people instead of pin pointing at others over the internet and hiding behind the monitor and pretending that the computer is a human.

Nopez I am not in angry gear.... I'm abit sleepy... yawnz... Getting some work done and then I'll watch the dvds that mummy brought over.... KOREAN DRAMAS.... the i-love-u-you-love-me-&-we-cry-&-cry kinda shows....haha hmmm let me see... today I'll be watching "Ms Kim's Million Dollar Quest".