I AM SUPER HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!

Today I went to fetch my new maid home.... muhahahahh I cannot stop smiling from ear to ear.... yay!!!!!! So happy.... Then I brought her to courts and we bought new furniture for her... I got her a cupboard so she can pack her stuff in it. =) And on the way, I bought a new queen sized zen bed yippie!!!! And a new wardrobe, a new dresser, a new dining table. SO HAPPY!!!!!!! Everything is just perfect... haha

Hmmm... got countless of praises too.... Because I am giving free services to a few ladies who are trying to work something out for themselves and their family.... they are housewives whose income is pretty limited and I am offering free graphic services for them i.e do up the whole website for them and also create their company logo and help them with the flow and stuff.... I am super happy!!!!

And mentor went walking my dogs with me a few days ago, we talked and I felt nothing but a sense of peace.... blissful and happy.... =)