ok the pic I am posting would make me look FREAKISH but pardon me... haha

I AM SUPER SHOCKED AT seeing this:

Did u see that CAR???? LOTUS ELISE.... oh manz! CHIO CHIO CHIO.... Hou Lang!
I nearly fainted... I was driving out of the carpark and then caught a glimpse of that car and reversed and parked in the middle of nowhere and got out and said:"QUICK! get the camera! haha" okie I is TOOT can? Its superb curves got me nuts can? =p

Anywayz, I like joanna alot... keke... she was telling me about the yoga/boxing classes she had and OMG! She is power lor.... go 4 classes in one day... I salute her... If I go for 4 classes in one day, I tell you maybe you can find me a month later because my muscles would be too strained to allow me any movement... haha ok I am exaggerating but I know I cannot make it through 4 classes of exercise...

I need a swim real bad! And lately I've been busy trying to clear piles and piles of work.... I wish I can go to Bangkok now... but mum is like busy so she can't accompany me... Shopping with mummy rocks because I shop and she'll carry for me... haha no la I am kidding but mostly she does carry for me so I can shop more... she spoils me! =)

hmmm... back to work....