I went out with mummy today... to do some important documentation and then we had lunch at Lau pat sat =)

Er... actually I didn't eat much there... then we decided to go shopping! At marina square... mum wanted to go to Vivocity the new shopping mall but er, I dunno how to drive there so we went to MS instead... ha ha I am toot! Anywayz, at first I thought shopping was boring... nothing to buy... Yawnz... then mum brought me to this shop called :"THE FACE SHOP"

Fainted! haha so many stuff there that appealed to me... its a korean line of skin care... spent $200++ there buying masks... I am nuts man... and then i said to mum :"Mummy... you brought me here right?"

She smiled and nodded.

Me : "Then you pick my tab."

She laughed.... she joked and said: "Wah the sales person caught 2 big fish! you and me...."

She also went gag gag over the stuff... she bought like $180 worth of cleansers and stuff... she said she'll be switching from SKII to this brand because the male model is one of her fave korean actors... she is like some teen fan lor.... haha