I'm so slow.... lately haven't been catching movies because sharkey has been de-TCed so I super HATE driving in it... anywayz, I went to catch "THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA"

Wow... Anne Hathaway has such mesmerizing puppy-like eyes... its like you can drown in her eyes... hahaha... and that whole closet full of branded wear is just superb!!! I just so want the luxe fashion garb in my house... hahha

And manz, did you see those shoes???? I am such a SHOE PERV i tell you... those Jimmy choos and Manolos.... manz, it was an orgasmic sight I tell you!!! *cheeky smile*

And on that note.... To me, MEN just need to be covered, a beautiful woman has to be dressed....

OH.... how I miss I miss... my long hair... and now I want black hair.... hahah yesh I am crazy.... when I have coloured hair I wish they were black. When I have short hair I wish they were long and vice versa... I am nuts.... OH! and I am pmsing alot lately.... hahah nothing seems right to me, and I have been picky over everything... & the sweetest thing I had all week was breakfast in bed on Sunday morning.... BUT I WILL SURVIVE MY PMS!!!! I WILL!! till then ciao~