I TELL YOU!!!!!!!!!! Appreciate your mums!!!! and maids!!!!

Housework is hard work... and I cannot take it anymore!!! ARGH!!!

***pinches my cheek... I must be dreaming that my maid is away....***

The substitute maid is ok ok la... she is not able to cope with the dogs and kinda blur and I have to do most of the housework in the day time since she only helps out on some nights and on sundays. BUT I REALLY CANNOT TAKE IT LE..... LORD, bless that sri comes home soon... please please... amen.

I have been losing my temper so much at the amount of work I have to do.... But I was reminded to count my blessings yesterday after a long talk with hg... ok I try k.... I'll TRY... can I still SCREAM my frustrations????? ARGH!!!!!!!!

I tell you.... must really thank your mums and maids.. MUST say thank you k!!

Can you imagine being a HOUSEWIFE and you are cleaning the house and after that your son or daughter comes home and throws his/her bag on the floor and then storms off to the room when you try to make conversation with them... and then WHO CAN BLAME you for being frustrated??? Now I get it.... I really get it!! On top of that, your husband comes home after work and he sorta "expects" you to have dinner prepared and the house should be spick and span and on top of that his clothes for work tomorrow has been ironed... and then he sits at the table and expects that DINNER has to be different EVERY other day and tasty too... ON TOP OF THAT, your whole family expects that the house should be clean and you must be EMOTIONALLY supportive of your family and on top that you do not have any rest days since the house would always be MESSED up by the family.... OMG!!! I tell you I would just go bang my head against the wall.... don't stop me.... hahhaahahah.... That's why I love my mum... and I treat my maid the best way I know how to... my maid and I are more like friends... I bring her out for haircuts , shopping, eating at jap restuarants and stuff.... I MISS HER SO MUCH... please faster come home.... please please please.....